When you decide to go to China, do not forget about Emei Shan

Emei Shan is the mountain in China, and it is considered to be one of the most sacred Buddhist mountains in there. It is true that to get to the top is very challenging, but in the long run, it is undoubtedly worth it. The thing is that the place is special, the moment you get there you will feel blessed and free.

Since the mountain is so sacred, there are many monasteries hidden in the forest on the top and on the sides of it. Some of them offer shelter for tourists, and when you are there, you should definitely spend a night at one of the monasteries. Even though there is still the human presence, the forest remains as deep and untouched as it can possibly be. Lakes, waterfalls, animals all these factors add up and create an unforgettable impression of peace and connection with the nature not to mention spiritual uprising.

You should be ready that all the monasteries are made in a traditional Chinese way, and that is what makes them so special and unique. All the carvings and decoration requires a special introduction, and once you see it for real, you will never forget their beauty. Also, if you decide to meditate the halls will always be open for you, and that is the additional beauty of the Emei Shan monasteries.

Despite all the beauty, there are something to be scared of too, – the macaques. These cute creatures can be hazardous when they see that you are afraid of them, that is why you should always have an experienced guide with you. Of course, you should be ready that the road up is a lot more complicated than the road down, but it is undoubtedly a place to see when you are in China, there is not even the slightest doubt about it.

That vast experience both physical and spiritual will linger with you for a long time, and even Emei Shan is long behind you, you will keep the memories of it with you, that is for sure.