The most unusual and exotic marketplaces in the world

Most of you probably have the same vision of a marketplace and think that there is nothing special about them. However, today we are going to prove you wrong by listing the most unusual markets there are in the world. Get ready!

  • Grand Bazaar, Turkey

Grand Bazaar in Turkey is more like a maze rather than a regular market. What is more, the goods you can find there are entirely different from all the market goods around the globe. Anything on the scale from jewelry to carpets, hookah, and spices can be found there. What is more, the atmosphere there is merely magical.

  • Camden, England

If you are into various types of subculture, then this is the best market in the world for you. Anything from gothic style to punk style details can be found here.

  • Pike Place Market, USA

This is the best organic market in the world. All the goods are fresh and mostly hand-grown. What is more, there is a secret garden on the roof of the market – how cool is that for a marketplace?

  • Yekshenbe Bazaar, China

Like everything in China, this market is old and traditional despite the noise and chaos. The size of this market is also very impressive so there is no wonder why that you can find anything, with no exaggeration, here.

  • Khan Al-Khalili, Egypt

If you want to feel like you are back in time, then you should visit Khan Al-Khalili bazaar. It seems that time has no power over this place and everything that was sold there ages ago are still present for sale. Lots of spices, souvenirs, and other typically Arabic goods can be found in this market. Looking for Gorillaz Wallpapers courtesy by Lequ

  • Temple St, Hong Kong

If you are looking for a place to find cheap clothes in Hong Kong, then Temple St is the best place for you. What is more, you can have your fortune told there as well as a love potion made.

  • Witches’ Market, Bolivia

Even though this market was created for the particular audience, only it has gained worldwide fame. If you are looking for a potion ingredient or ritual attributes, that is the place to find all the necessary goods, that is for sure.