8 healthiest counties around the globe

Of course, as a tourist, you are bound to know not only about the places to see when you visit a country but also what to try out regarding food. That is why we are going to present to your attention a list of 8 healthiest countries in the world. Enjoy.

  1. Sweden

Life in Sweden is very expensive but very healthy that is for sure. Swedish people pay great attention to the food they consume that is why Sweden hit the list of healthiest countries in the world.

  1. Japan

Japanese people are considered to be the healthiest nation there is, and that is not only due to their eating habits of course, but that matter too. The consumption of a considerable amount of raw fish and green tea are the main eating habits that help Japanese people stay healthy.

  1. Spain

Spanish people also belong to the healthiest on earth due to their consumption of fresh food and regular siestas.

  1. Australia

Apart from eating right Australians exercise a lot and they do it not because they have too but because they like it. Try living like Australians, and you will become healthy and happy in no time!

  1. Singapore

People in Singapore like to eat well, but that is not the only thing that keeps them healthy. The thing is that after eating well, most of them rush to exercise it all off.

  1. Switzerland

Swiss people are not only the healthiest but also the happiest people in the world. Wish to be like Swiss people? Be active, eat well and enjoy life!

  1. Iceland

There is a massive amount of fresh fish in Iceland, and that is one important thing that helps them eat healthily. What is more, fresh air adds up and makes Iceland a country of healthy people.

  1. Italy

Many people think that wine and pasta are the only things that Italians consume. However, the reality is such that they also have lots of fresh veggies and fruit in their diet as well as seafood and lean meat. As you can see the Italian diet is an easy one but a quite effective since all the people in Italy are healthy and happy.