7 unique ways to see the Northern lights in Lapland

Aurora borealis is one the most beautiful things in the world that is why when you go to Lapland you are not only bound to see it but you should do it with style, and we are going to help you figure out how to succeed with that.

Ice hotel

What can be a better way to see the northern light but to spend a night in an ice hotel? It is true that the feelings from the night on a frozen bed together with the impressions from the northern lights will leave its mark on your soul forever.


The best way to move around Lapland is with the help of a husky-sled. You can even bring your own dogs if you are a lucky husky owner. Those who experienced this unique ride will surely never forget it!


In case you are not that adventurous as to try out riding around on a husky-sled, there is a more modern transport option there. How about a snowmobile? Feeling excited yet?

Aurora borealis from the window

Apart from ice hotels, there are more or less regular hotel types in Lapland. What is more, some of the igloo hotels offer a see-through roof. Just imagine lying in your bed and observing the northern lights. Breathtaking!

Snowshoe under the Aurora

If you are an active tourist, then you will surely appreciate the possibility to watch the lights while snowshoeing. Apart from the Northern Lights, you will also enjoy the beautiful nature of Finland so that you will kill a couple of birds with one stone if you pick snowshoeing.

Water cruise

There are also ways of greeting the Northern lights from the sea. Slow cruises will take you as close to the miracle as possible.

Capturing the Northern Light

Of course, when you have seen it on your own, you would like to capture it on film. However, if you fear that you are not the best photographer there are professionals to help you out.

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