6 reasons why you should pick Vietnam as your number one country to visit

Being an experienced tourist means having a list of countries and places you have already seen, and it also means that you know a lot about traveling. However, everyone needs to start from something, and if you are only thinking about becoming a tourist, then we know a country to suggest for you to begin with. Today we are going to discuss why Vietnam is so great for first-time travelers. Read on!

  1. The natives’ attitude

People are different around the globe, and some native population is a lot friendlier than the other is. Of course, when you are traveling for the first time, you wouldn’t like to deal with rude locals, that is why Vietnam is perfect because people there are always friendly and welcome tourists with open arms and hearts.

  1. The food matters

There are countries that can offer you multinational cuisine and that makes things easy at times. But when it comes to Vietnamese food you won’t confuse it with any other cuisine, what is more it is unforgettably delicious.

  1. Sightseeing

Every country has something interesting to offer in terms of things to see. However, when it comes to Europe it is most likely that all your friends have been there and it feels like you have seen everything yourself too. Yet, when you think about Vietnam not only many people haven’t been there but there are so many things to see so that you will never be bored.

  1. It is easy to afford

When you are going on a trip, you surely plan your budget. There are countries that a lot more expensive than the others, but when it comes to Vietnam it is completely affordable.

  1. Weather conditions

No matter the day, you will always be able to find a sunny spot in Vietnam due to its length it gets through many climate zones.

  1. The transportation

Public transport is a little bit different in Vietnam since mostly scooters and motorbikes are used but that is certainly something that makes the country special and you surely need to try it out.

Are you convinced yet to go to Vietnam?