6 cities in Italy to be the first one to see

Of course, when you think about Italy, it seems that all the cities in this country have already been explored. But is it really so? The thing is that there are main cities like Rome and Venice that most people go to but there are other great cities to visit in Italy too, and we are going to list all of them for you today.


When you think of Bologna, you think of Mortadella, as most people do. It is true that food there is simply delicious and hard to resist what is more there are even food tours to take there, and if you managed to visit the city, you should definitely try the tour out. However, the city is not only about tasty sausages, and when you wander around the city, you will be amazed at all the ancient and beautiful buildings since Bologna is a quite old city.


If you are a fan of medieval times and culture, then Siena is undoubtedly a place for you to visit. The thing is that the taste of last centuries is still preserved in this city and it is just marvelous.


Bari is a small port city with tiny streets and narrow alleys, and they are precisely what makes this city special. Of course, the food deserves a special place. When you visit Bari, you will be amazed at the range of tasty dishes to try out. A trip to Bari will never be a waste entirely on the contrary.


If you are a fan of Parmesan and Prosciutto, then you should definitely go to Parma, since it is the hometown of these tasty creations. Also, there is exquisite architecture to observe, and what is very important there are almost no cars there.


Campobasso is the small city that rarely any tours involve, but once in Italy, you are bound to see it, especially you are of artistic nature. History, art, and good food are all intertwined in this city, and that is precisely what makes it so unique.

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