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We will have the possibility of watching the next election on Apple News

At the beginning of this week, Apple has announced that they signed a contract with a mega popular news company, which means that they will provide a live video of the future election of 2020, as well as the upcoming debates. So, this company will work together with the ABC News company in order to provide access to a live version of the debates, as well as provide a full version of the election itself. Moreover, their cooperation will last until 2021, when the inauguration will be held and will provide videos of the conventions along with other important political events.

Thanks to this collaboration, even more people from all over the world will be able to watch great history happening. This is a great step up in the political journalism field. More people than ever in the history of politics will be able to get a strong understanding of what really is happening by receiving true and reliable information regarding the election.

Since the year of 2016, this company has been providing various election coverage. And in the 2020 year, it will do the same. But still, the company doesn’t give any comments over the question of whether the future election will be live on their application through other organizations.

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