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The next most popular type of transport is going to be an e-bike

The next ten years will be filled with revolutionary technology and on the top and most popular ones will definitely not be the Cybertruck, but an electric bike. For a long period of time, e-bikes were owned only by people from the upper class. Until 2012, the total of electric bike purchase was not even a full 1%. But in the next year, the sale of such bikes has increased greatly.

The Deloitte company predicts that in 2020 and the next three years, millions of such bikes will be sold. Moreover, by the end of 2020, electric bikes will be cramming the streets of every country. More and more people are switching to electric-powered types of transport and electric bikes will be on top of any other electric vehicle.

Deloitte is not the only company that claims this change. Others say that such sales will be happening in the upcoming years, but not in such amount. Such changes will be amazing both for nature as well as for all people on the planet. We all hope that these predictions are true and can’t wait to see what happens next year with the e-bike sales.

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