Main rules of sex in friendship

Main rules of sex in friendship

To avoid drama and a broken heart, there can be some simple rules with your partner-friend. If there is sex, then there is desire. And desire often leads to falling in love, and this is not peculiar to women.

How to save your sex friendship

Sex should be only sex. It is worth agreeing – where you have sex, at what time, how you are protected. If there are no borders, this can look like a relationship and break your sex friendship. Do not manipulate each other. If you are friends and trust each other with the details of your personal life, then you probably know who your partner likes. And if he (she) is addicted to someone else, much less asking for advice about relationships, the temptation to slander a potential competitor is always great. If this happens, admit to yourself and each other – you are starting to have real feelings.

Control your feelings – this is especially important for women. Sex contributes to the production of oxytocin, the hormone of affection so that it is more common for women to fall in love with a partner because of good sex. For men, sex is more physiological, they are less prone to sentiment.

Keep sex friends in secret. Despite progress, public opinion still tends to put pressure on women. It is believed that a woman needs to be married, or at least have a permanent partner. Therefore, “just sex” is always a not very socially approved option for a woman. The inner circle (family, friends) may have a lot of questions. What to do with these relations further is still up to you.

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