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If you love ice cream, then you must check out the Wattam game

It is pretty difficult to give a thorough explanation of what this game is and how to play it. This game is kind of an adventure story filled with puzzles. But the main point of the game is to play with around one hundred mystical creatures and various objects by combining them and seeing what happens after. It is all about letting your inner child experiment and have some fun. Also more fun here

When you just begin to play the game you get to be a creature called the major on a completely deserted Earth. Your goal is to solve as many as possible puzzles. And the more you solve them, the more objects and items return to Earth. There are 4 islands, and each of them stands for a different season of the year. To finish the game, you should make 100 items return to Earth. Those puzzles are completely strange but at the same time pretty fun and filled with various experiments.

The greatest part of this game is that you have the ability to go from one creature to a different one. Each character has its own powerful attributes, as well as standard controls and similar abilities. Although the whole system is a bit clumsy, but still anyone can get used to it.

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